Fighting Fire With Fire Ton Jansen ENGLISH

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Kniha o metodě HDT, která učí homeopaty správným způsobem používat tuto detoxikační metodu v angličtině. Druhé rozšířené vydání! Nyní včetně indexu!

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New!! Now with index!

The HDT medodě book in the English language. Ton Jansen is Dutch homeopath. He developed this method by his own observations and testing. HDT in the final result is the method much faster and more efficient than Cease teraphy of Tinus Smits. Ton teaches his readers how to continue peacefully and in a single prescription the miasma, organ systems, mental symptoms, nutricional deficit and constitutional remedy. 

"One of my main motivations for writing this book is an attempt to bring harmony to the different school of Homeopathy. Hahnemann evolved out of Hippocrates´ legacy, who himself was already working with dillutions. He revived these early homeopahic principles, writing six editions of his Organon of Medicine. After each edition he was convinced that the lastest version was the method to use. Of course, after each publication his knowledge evolved, so there was never a „finished article“. But we should remember that the journey of discovery didn´t end with Hahnemann´s death. It is our duty and our honour to continue the evolution of homeopathy. Whilst I quote Hahnemann from time to time, it is not because he is my guru; it is because a lot of his teachings are true in clinical practice. I go my own way, but can recognise that he had incredible insight regarding disease processes and how to regain health.

Many current models of homeopathy claim to bet he only correct method. This attitude causes conflict between groups, each one striving to be " the one true way“. This is similar to the conflicts we witness between diffeent religions; each one believing that they found the one true God. However, dogma stands in the way of progress, for it does not encourage us to think for ourselves and bring our own gifts to the table. Be your own guru, rather than following the „one true way“ of another. Many medical doctors are also very narrow in their thinking. They may know a lot about the symptoms of the disease, but sadly are taught very little about lasting health and how to achieve and maintain it.

How powerful it would be if we could bring together the most elegant parts of each model. If we're honest, we can probably admit that each school of thought is at best a partial truth. I believe these strands can be jointed together to create an“ ocean of knowledge”. I therefore call on all my colleagues to stay away from dogma. Instead you can evolve, adapt and share your methods as learn from the patients in front of you. In this way, each of us will develop into a great particioner."



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