Finding Your Way Through the Forest of Symptoms Ton Jansen ENGLISH

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A patient’s case can seem like a forest of symptoms. There can be so much information, and we need to process it. We need to find ‘the way through the woods’! This book aims to do just that.

Ton Jansen has worked tirelessly for over 30 years to achieve quick, gentle and lasting cures for his patients, and has the results that are evidence of the success of his method. He finds he needs to draw on a wide variety of remedies to get consistent results, and in this book he presents many of them in a clear and succinct way.

He shows us how to use the homeopathic detox therapy (HDT) with our patients in the many cases where it’s necessary to remove what Hahnemann called ‘the obstacles to cure’, and also to find the truly indicated remedy to improve their condition at a deep level.

This book, and his previous book Fighting Fire with Fire, can help us to understand and then apply these teachings in our clinical practice!


Why buy this book?

•Discover more about plant kingdoms and less familiar remedies by learning their keynotes, illustrated with successful cases
•Learn the differences between similar remedies (differential diagnosis) to achieve a more accurate remedy choice, with remedy pictures that go beyond what is currently in the repertory
•See how to select detox treatment courses to prevent unnecessary aggravations and achieve quicker results by removing ‘obstacles to cure’
•Find how to apply the miasmatic remedy as well as the constitutional remedy with the detox therapy to get deep and lasting cures.



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